Lillie Mae, Aubrie Sellers

Lillie Mae

Aubrie Sellers

Out of Limits

Ages 18+
Lillie Mae, Aubrie Sellers w/ Out of Limits LIVE at EXIT/IN

Lillie Mae

Lillie Mae is an American country and Americana singer, songwriter, fiddle and guitar player based out of Nashville, Tennessee.



Aubrie Sellers

“I feel like I’m film in a digital world,” says singer-songwriter Aubrie Sellers. “There are so many slick, clean-sounding records that are designed for quick consumption, but that’s not me. I make dirty, grungy-sounding records, and the emotions spill all over the place. They’re messy at times, but I find beauty in that.”

For anybody who’s ever felt as if they didn’t quite fit in, Sellers’ masterful second album, Far From Home, the follow-up to her sensational debut, New City Blues, is essential listening. Sonically, it’s a sweeping, epic vision made manifest in crushing, amp-busting guitar rock – Sellers once dubbed this sound “garage country” – and delicate yet shattering widescreen ballads that form compelling frameworks for her angelic voice to take flight. One might assume that such fulsome musical expressions could only come from a grand extrovert, but Sellers reveals the deep-seated anxieties that lie beneath the surface – and how writing the album proved cathartic.

Making music came naturally to Sellers, who carries a first-class pedigree in that area. As the daughter of Grammy-winning singer Lee Ann Womack and songwriter-solo artist Jason Sellers, she remembers being surrounded by music. “It’s just what we did, so I didn’t even think about it,” she recalls. But the sounds that Sellers gravitated towards differed from her parents (“I was as much into Led Zeppelin, classic rock and punk as I was Patty Loveless and bluegrass”), and by the time she took up the guitar at age 13, she knew that she needed to explore her own path. “My voice isn’t dissimilar to my mother’s, so I think people expected me to follow in her footsteps. I think I surprised a lot of people when I didn’t.”

Reaching adulthood, Sellers was ready to try her hand at recording, and she found a nurturing partner in producer Frank Liddell – now her step-father – who has helmed records for Miranda Lambert, Jack Ingram, Chris Knight, and Brandi Carlile, among others. For Sellers, the decision to work with Liddell on her first album was a no-brainer that had nothing to do with family ties and everything to do with creativity. “All I had to do was listen to the records that Frank produces,” she explains. “He doesn’t impose his own sound on an artist; he lets everybody sound like themselves. That was really important to me.”

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